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“Justice is what love looks like in public. ”

Lead to Life is transforming weapons into shovels for tree planting ceremonies at sites that have been impacted by violence or carry spiritual significance across Atlanta (occupied lands of the Cherokee and Creek people) and Oakland (occupied lands of the Ohlone people.) 

The original collaborators, brontë velez Kyle Lemle met in July 2016 as inaugural recipients of the Spiritual Ecology Fellowship. Through that connection they were able to bridge their complementary and diverse histories in community organizing, art as social practice, ecological restoration and climate resilience to birth Lead to Life.

During the fellowship, they built strong relationships with leaders around the world who are bridging the gaps between faith, activism, ceremony and resistance.

All donations received will go towards continuing tool production, further alchemy work, ceremonial plantings at sites impacted by violence, and supporting community partners. 

Donate online below or by check made out to:

Planting Justice (memo: Lead to Life)* | 319 105th Ave | Oakland, CA 94603

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