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Six Essentials Homeless Shelters Need In The Winter

As soon as this cold winter weather hits, many individuals seek out homeless shelters and their resources. It’s every shelter’s priority to save as many people from the biting cold as possible. To accommodate everyone, shelters often put out more beds and stockpile supplies to accomplish this—and they could use your help to do so. If you’re looking to help out locally this winter, here are six essentials homeless shelters need in the winter.

1. Money

The flexibility of a monetary donation is what makes it so valuable. Shelters can use these generous donations to specifically restock supplies they need from trusted merchants. Further, they may use your donation to fund something else such as food or more staffing to handle the extra work homeless shelters have in the winter.

2. Socks

Many people overlook socks as an option; however, during the winters, a lot of individuals need them. When someone wears a pair of socks repeatedly and they become wet, the socks become subject to freezing, and those who wear could quickly get frostbite. Not to mention well-worn socks can be home to infection-causing bacteria. Invest in some bulk wholesale socks to supply your shelter with so everyone can avoid these issues.

3. Long Underwear

Another practical necessity homeless shelters need in the winter is warm long underwear. Sometimes referred to as thermal underwear, this is helpful for people looking to stay warm and comfortable in very uncomfortable winter weather.

4. Blankets

Blankets are a common and multi-use donation. Since they’re so adaptable and can suit whatever we need them for, blankets are excellent for keeping people warm. Blankets, as long as they’re big enough, can accommodate everyone from young children to seniors.

5. Coats

When you think about what people need in the winter, a quality coat likely comes to mind. If you’re set on buying some, consider coats that have additional functions to maximize their use. Some manufacturers even create coats specifically for homeless people who also need something to sleep on, so the coat doubles as a sleeping bag.

6. Hats and Gloves

Accessories to go along with coats, such as hats and gloves, are also good options to buy. Extremities such as hands and fingers have a lot of surface area, and due to this, they leak body heat quickly. This is why frostbite is so common on feet and hands. Exposing your head to the cold is painful as well, so gloves and hats are appropriate items to donate to a shelter.

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