• bridge connections between restorative and environmental sustainability

  • restore the black and minority family bonds disbanded by mass incarceration

  • relight relationships of humility and mutuality with each other and nature

  • and normalize helping other humans.

To provide individuals experiencing homlessness or incarceraction with essential items, branded inspiration and resources they need to thrive as they transition back into society. 

Within our first calendar year in 2015, we were able to provide 50 carepackages to members of the homeless community in Edgewwod Atlanta and 100 jackets to Atlanta Childrens Shelter. 
There are currently 3,200 homeless people in the City of Atlanta. 


30% of the individuals served gained access to reentry programs, employment or donations within their area. In 2020, we hope to double this number, through community involvement to enhance the lives of more families.

Faith Works Charity

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Our Work

“This isn't me; this is what you call a pit stop.” - Anthony, “Souls of Atlanta”

Our community outreach work is about bringing humility back to humanity. We seek to disband the narrative of under served people being less than and amplify their testimonies of trauma to triumph.


While educating the public on systems braided by white supremacy: mass incarceration, heteropatriarchy and capitalism.


With hope, we can break this unjust cycle of people living on the streets of our city.

Photo on left by Hassan of Taylor interviewing Anthony on July 20, 2020 under the John Wesley Dobbs bridge in Atlanta, Georgia. 

We are committed to

progressive practices that give room for underserved people

to share,  connect and be inspired and reminded they are never alone on this short journey called life.


Through contributing to Hallelujah Trends Inc., you are directly supporting: 

  • Production of the Souls of Atlanta paperback books ​advocating to eradicate homelessness. 
  • Continued support to provide meals + care packages to people experiencing homelessness in Atlanta.

  • Mailing Keep the Faith Journals to inmates and re-entry programs as an ongoing healing process for families and individuals serving time.

  • Other ongoing programs include upcoming tree plantings, environmental teach-ins in Atlanta partnered with Art is Virtue.

  • General support for our team, media, operations & creative process

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