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What we've done

Within our first calendar year in 2015, we were able to provide 50 care packages to members of the homeless community in Edgewood Atlanta and 100 jackets to Atlanta Children's Shelter.


There are currently 2,017 homeless people in the City of Atlanta. 

30% of the individuals served gained access to reentry programs, employment or donations within their area. In 2023, we hope to double this number, through community involvement to enhance the lives of more families.

Most Needed Items

  • Canned fruits and vegetables

  • Canned tuna, chicken or salmon in water

  • Whole grain pasta and flour

  • Brown rice, barely, quinoa

  • Shelf-stable milk, dairy, soy rice, etc.

  • Natural peanut butter

Please no :

  • Glass containers

  • Baby food

  • Condiments/ dressings

  • Pet food

What's to come

Souls of Atlanta book by Taylor Smith coming 2024 to a bookstore near you. We seek to disband the narrative of under served people being less than human. Instead, we amplify their testimonies of trauma to triumph. By telling the stories of the community impacted by homelessness we can being to normalize aiding our Atlanta neighbors in need.

This book was written to bringing humility back to humanity. 

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“This isn't me; this is what you call a pit stop.”


- Anthony,

Expert from Souls of Atlanta

Photo on left by Hassan Photo Works of Taylor interviewing Anthony on July 20, 2020 under the John Wesley Dobbs bridge in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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