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The Next Big Thing is Joy

Here's my list of 20 next big things you can start doing to spark more daily Joy:

1. Prayer, Chanting, and Meditation.

2. Volunteer at least once a week.

3. Exercise (Going for a jog or going swimming).

4. Get a dog (Dogs are the best creatures on this planet to me).

5. Keep a journal (I’ve always had a journal from the time I was a kid. It’s the one place you can be completely unfiltered about your feelings).

6. Deep breathing (I recently started doing this. I close my eyes in take a deep breath for 10-20 seconds. I call it checking my emotions. It brings me back to a neutral place).

7. Read a good book.

8. Drink calming tea.

9. Smile, laugh, and give tight hugs.

10. Show gratitude.

11. Be yourself without apologies.

12. Be gentle on yourself.

13. Step outside of your comfort zone.

14. Listen to music.

15. Color.

16. Take a bubble bath. Blow some bubbles.

17. Get a massage.

18. Light stress relief candles or incense.

19. Play in the sand or dirt

And last, but certainly not least in your new routine for generating joy:

20. Stand in the rain (I did this once. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed so one day I stood on the balcony in the back yard and let the rain pour on me. It felt like a cleansing of everything that was weighing me down).

I hope this list can be of good use. :)

Written by:

Blog Manager

Brianna Hodge

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