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Joy: Expectations Vs. Reality

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

When it comes to joy people associate it with having it all or having life figured out. We expect the dream job, perfect family, etc., in a certain amount of time.

Most times we are looking into other peoples lives and believing that’s what happiness is so we spend money we don’t have on things we don’t need and neglect the important things such as rent, car payments, phone bills just to keep up appearances. The reality is life doesn’t not always turn out the way we planned. We go through tough times and our dreams seem so for away. We get in our heads thinking that we are not good enough which in most cases leads to depression and suicide. It starts with our mindset, if we let negative things such as what we do not have or what we are not capable of then we will never reach our potential. The past cannot be relived, and the future is not here yet so the only thing we can do is be the best self we can.

Find something that makes us happy and calm mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. For me joy is having a peace of mind. Being OK with where I am at right now but still striving for better. For a longtime, I felt stuck in my life, watching my peers surpass me, getting married and having children and while I am happy for them, I sometimes wonder when my time is coming. I found my joy through my spiritual meditation and through journal-ing.

For others it might be prayer, working out, or just being able to talk to their friends and family. Whatever it takes to clear our heads and get a better point of view. We must be kind to ourselves and each other because tomorrow is not promised to any of us and we can all do something to bring joy to other beings. It does not take much to smile at a stranger or reach out to a loved one to bring joy to them. I believe joy comes from within and with patient, love, and work we can all experience true joy.

Written by:

Blog Manager

Brianna Hodge

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