About us

Hallelujah Trends is an Atlanta-rooted, creative collective and non-profit on a mission to eradicate homelessness and poverty in Atlanta.


Just a girl trying to change the world.  

An Atlanta native, Taylor graduated from Kennesaw State University with a master’s in professional writing. Taylor is an avid adventurer, philanthropist, reader, outdoor enthusiast, and world traveler. Taylor has lived abroad in Mexico, Ireland and lives for cultural discovery and community immersion.


After volunteering for the Global Village of Atlanta, Young Entrepreneurs of Atlanta, and 21 Century leaders for years, Taylor decided to shift creative gears and enter the nonprofit world.


She spearheaded the Hallelujah Trends Brand for Change in 2015. Discovering a passion for working with under-served communities, she decided to create practices and outreach events to bridge the gap in creative potential to resources and opportunities for Atlanta’s at-risk neighborhoods. 


Taylor sees this brand as a vessel for change and she is excited about the potential to spread more messages anchored in hope for the future.

Our intention

Transform the testimonies of the silenced and forgotten to inspiring proofs of hope - to facilitate a spiritual healing process in the underserved Atlanta communities. 

Through art collaboration, environmental appreciation and testimonial liberation,

we transform our hearts and imaginations to see each other as one.