Our Team

Some of us like thin crust, others like handtossed. The bulk of us are young-ish creatives with a passion for community. Degrees tossed in with street smarts.

Writers, artists, healers mixed in with HR people to cook-up in this movement towards restoration, change, and peace in our Atlanta community. 


Taylor Morrell-Smith

Founder & Executive Director

Thin crust me please.

I'm Taylor.

East Atlanta  raised me.

I have degrees and I'm passionate about seeing change in my hometown.

Michaela Freeman

Instagram Manager


Thin crust


My name is Michaela Freeman, I was born & raised in Athens, Georgia. I am a senior at a Kennesaw State University, where I work with various departments & organizations to promote diversity & inclusion throughout campus & the community. HT for me, is a way to seed change & growth in people and their communities through faith & love.

Briana Hodge

Blog Manager

Thick crust

My name is Briana Hodge
I was born in Fort Bragg North Carolina and raised in Atlanta Ga. I am an aspiring Author/Novelist and am currently writing my first novel. I am with Hallelujah Trends because it coincides with my belief system which is showing love, compassion, and mindfulness for your fellow beings.

Lauren Gay

Public Relations Coordinator

Thin crust


Hey! My name is Lauren Gay and I am the Public Relations Coordinator for Hallelujah Trends. I am from Snellville, Georgia. I want to be a part of Hallelujah Trends because it is committed to amplifying the voices of the voiceless.


Tremaine Genias

Community Outreach Coordinator

Thick crust


Tremaine Genias (Pronounced like Genius don’t play with me) Born In Brooklyn, but raised in Queens, New York. I’m a Graduate Student in the Public Administration program at Valdosta State, I mentor, Cook, and novice photographer/videographer. (More to be added soon)
And why hallelujah trends: Because why not? It’s a brand that’s beyond a T-Shirt, that's to genuinely be influential in making the world a little bit better. I can definitely get jiggy with that!

Jessie Reuben-Lartey

Brand Manager

Thin crust

I am Jessie Reuben-Lartey From Ghana, West Africa
I am a passionate Administrative Assistant. I am a part of Hallelujah Trends because I want to be a blessing to someone in any way I can. I believe Hallelujah Trends is a brand that is focused not only on highlighting the needs of the less privileged, but also finding ways to resolve them for the overall good of the community. 


Jazzë A. Lewis

Facebook Manager

Prefers thick crust vegan pizza, yes it’s a thing!

South Side Atlanta Raised Shawty 

College grad

Holistic Health & Veganism Activist

Renaissance Woman

Founder & CEO of Black Women Read: a virtual book club for Black Women, by a Black Woman.

@BlackWomenRead_ BlackWomenRead.com

Hallelujah Trends is an amazing brand hands down and has been dope since 2015 & I’m here to make sure people know just how dope it is! How dope is it? Real DOPE!

Jerrod Grier

Brand Manager

Hand-tossed crust is the only option! 


I’m Jerrod Grier, and I want to change the world! Sounds extreme? Maybe it is, but I know that’s why I was put on this earth!

My background is in business and education. I was born and raised in Atlanta, and I’ve always been passionate about helping others. I work with Hallelujah Trends because I think it’s time to see a shift in our nation—a re-prioritization of global values and concern for others. It’s time to make a change, so why not now?!



Media Relations

Hand-tossed crust!


Aisha, Decatur, I'm a high school Audio Video teacher and film director
I rock with HT because of its authentic nature and style.

The brand inspires me to keep believing in myself and loving who I am.