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Grace Kisa

Angela Davis Johnson


Evelyn Quiñones 


Inmate Poetry

“Female” God’s Most Beautiful Creation

By: Myles Williams

The way of her smell reminds me of a hidden pasture full of exotic fruit, her eyes remind me of the abyss containing all the stars at night, her nose reminds me of a dandelion; innocent and pure, her lips like soft petals...

There’s nothing wrong with being honest about feeling overwhelmed. We’ve all felt like that before. Don’t go through it alone, don’t isolate yourself, let people in to help. You really want to be loved or are you just set on proving you’re strong? The ones who really love you aren’t judging you

What If
What if life only knew life
And light and night gave birth to joy
And joy gave every woman a golden apple
With the name of the perfect man –
Made in the image that she’d prefer

What if
What if he was wise and knew the secret of the wind

"Blood Milk"

This is the mother that sells her food stamps for diaper money,
This is the grandmother that puts her coin purse in her bra, just so they won’t take it from me,
This is gris gris, grave dirt and bullet shells
This is the young lady sneaking out of the window...

Atlanta Photographer

Dexter Davis

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