HT Train-Em-Up Program

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Editorial Internship

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Community Outreach Internship

Media Relations Internship

Operational Management Internship

Social Media Internship

Hallelujah Trends Inc.®

HT-Train-em-Up Internships

Meaningful Work

Make impact on the company, team, and your local community through your work on real projects and involvement in philanthropy initiatives.

Relationships Matter

As part of your internship, you will be exposed to your national intern cohort and network with community leaders during social and professional events.

Professional Development

During your internship you will hone your professional skills through collaborating and development projects, Adobe practice and more!

Hallelujah Trends Inc.®

Winter 2020 Editorial Internship

Hallelujah Trends Inc.®

Winter 2020 Operational Management Internship

Hallelujah Trends Inc.®

Winter 2020 Media Relations Internship


Hallelujah Trends Inc.®

Winter 2020 Community Outreach Internship

Hallelujah Trends Inc.®

Winter 2020 Social Media Internship

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 If This Is Your Dream (How to Sign-Up): 

  1. Take a tour of our website ( to make sure you are familiar with our work & can see yourself being a part of it.

  2. Please apply using the following link to the internship application.

  3. Questions or need assistance? Email

  4. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Please note: This internship is remote. 


HT Train-Em-Up Program

Internship FAQs

Q: When will internship opportunities become available?
A: Tech internships will become available in late December. Business internships will become available in late October to early November. 

Q: Will I gain Mentorship during my internship?
A: Yes, Interns are paired with an assigned manager and mentor that will guide your way through your internship.

Consistent feedback and professional coaching are a key part of your intern experience. You’ll also be working side by side with some of the best and brightest minds in the philanthropic industry.

Q: What perks & benefits do I receive as an intern?
A: Interns receive college credit depending on the school’s policy, opportunities to network with professionals, develop and refine your skills, figure out your work style and gain valuable work/ volunteer experience

Q: Will there be opportunities to network with other interns?
A: Absolutely, you won’t be in the office working every day. We have professional and social events planned all internship long. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet interns and employees from across the company.


Internship Opportunities

Your internship at Hallelujah Trends will give you everything you need to

hit the ground running in your creative and professional life.