A brand for peace, love, equality, and salvation // 

#hallelujahtrends since 2015

Hallelujah Trends exists to inspire hope. It's platform comes from the minds and hearts of creators, on a mission to provoke peace, equality, unity and salvation. This brand uses faith based apparel and testimonies as an entry point to conversations and a safe place to gain strength. 

The driving force behind this brand is to create a place for powerful messages to get you through the bad days and encouragement to enjoy the good ones. Our motivation is to also let people know how honored we are that they believe in us and to create a community of people that have experienced the labels of society along with those needing companionship on their journey. 
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No matter my race, class, creed, religion, relationship status, gender identification, sexual orientation, history, past mistakes or career choice, I matter.
I was made by design and happy to be alive.
I am not defined by societies interpretation of me. 
I will encourage others to love them selves, treat them selves with kindness, patience, respect and all that encompasses love.
I have a purpose and there is hope. 
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